A story of a home

A home is a place to feel safe and appreciated and be yourself. It is never made up of material things; it’s the people that make a home a home. Unfortunately, this is not a given for a lot of people in the world, so I feel blessed because my mom and dad have given me a wonderful home and a great start in life. The person that I am today is for a great part the result of their upbringing and I have a lot to be grateful for.

I am over 30 now and I have been living my own life for the last decade. Some of it with house mates, to whom I think back with much fondness and warm, fuzzy feelings, but for a larger part of my life I have made a home with the man I love and married. His wisdom is endless, though in the end I am of course always right. Together we have lots of stories and adventures to tell and for the last two years those stories all feature one particular place.

The home we have now is a tiny, tiny, tiny island in the Caribbean. The people of this island are the friendliest and most interesting bunch I have ever met. They have the ability to make me feel incredibly welcome. Not everything is perfect on this island, but tell me of a place and a people that is and we will call it Paradise and move there in a heartbeat.

In a dream world, my perfect home would be where people greet each other on the street. My perfect home would be where I feel safe. Safe walking the streets at night alone, safe in the knowledge that there would always be someone helpful should the need arise. My perfect home would be where the sun always shines and clouds are beautiful and welcome variations. My perfect home would be where I know the vast ocean is always around the corner and where at night I can count the stars while listening to the rhythm of the tree frogs. In reality, we have all that here. Friendly people, check. Beautiful Scenery, check. Peace and safety, check. I have found my little paradise right here. We try, and we may have found a home here.

One thought on “A story of a home

  1. He Rhiannon, zie dat je sinds 2014 een blog bijhoudt van je leven op Saba en wij je ouders lezen het nu. Geweldig leuk om het te lezen.

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